Our Mission

A smiling group photo of dentists Susan Tikson and Audrey Eichenlaub and their entire dental staff posed outside the dental practice.

Committed to the smile you deserve and the health you need

With understanding and skill, we are dedicated to creating exceptional experiences that leave you feeling confident about your smile and oral health. Our team of skilled professionals helps you achieve your best smile, but also understands that dental health is more than cosmetic. Issues that begin with your teeth can affect your entire body. We recognize the connection between improved aesthetics and oral health. A more confident smile can inspire better oral hygiene practices and some cosmetic or restorative treatments will directly improve health. Dr. Tikson and Dr. Eichenlaub treat the whole patient by providing excellent dental care and using the latest technology and procedures, but always in alignment with a patient's individual goals.

At your first visit, we will discuss any concerns you might have about your smile and perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the most beneficial course of action. Through this evaluation, you'll gain better insight into the overall condition of your smile, your dental hygiene habits, and ways to increase the longevity and health of your teeth. We will talk about treatment options, putting you in the position to make the best and most informed decisions regarding your dental health and smile.

With the expertise of the entire team at our practice, you will be on your way to the smile you deserve and the health you need. Call today to schedule your first appointment.