A beautiful blonde woman happy with her smooth compexion.

Botox & Dermal Fillers

Achieving a More Youthful Appearance

In addition to giving you a great smile, Dr. Tikson can help you achieve a more youthful appearance by smoothing out facial wrinkles with BOTOX® Cosmetic injections and other dermal fillers.

Wrinkles don't only result from sun and aging cells. When you frown, concentrate, or squint, the muscles between your brows and around your eyes cause your skin to fold. BOTOX® Cosmetic works beneath the skin's surface and targets the underlying muscle activity that causes these wrinkles. Extensively studied and tested, BOTOX® Cosmetic is widely used throughout the world as a safe and effective treatment.

The two major areas targeted by BOTOX® Cosmetic are crow's feet and frown lines. Crow's feet are the wrinkles at the outer edges of your eyes, which become especially pronounced when you squint. To smooth out these wrinkles, Dr. Tikson will make small injections in the muscle that frames the side of each eye. Frown lines are the vertical wrinkles that appear between your eyebrows, especially when you concentrate. For some people, these wrinkles can become deep and permanent. By making a series of injections in the affected brow muscles, Dr. Tikson can greatly reduce or entirely eliminate these wrinkles.

BOTOX® Cosmetic injections and other dermal filler procedures require minimal downtime or recovery; you'll be able to go about your normal routine immediately after you leave Dr. Tikson's office. It may take 10 to 12 days for results to show, and the results may last up to 4 months. If you feel your new smile would benefit from being surrounded by smoother skin, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tikson. There's no better time than at your twice-yearly appointments to reclaim the best aspects of your appearance! In fact, many of our patients come in for cleanings and their BOTOX® Cosmetic Injections or filler treatments all at once.